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New Apple Patent Application Describes Flexible iWatch


A patent application from Apple outlines a device with a flexible screen worn on your wrist, adding fuel to the recent iWatch rumors.
The patent application describes a "wearable accessory device" which "includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring."
If that sounds vague, Apple was kind enough to explain that it's actually talking about a "slap wrap" type of bracelet.
While not exactly a wristwatch, the bracelet could show all sorts of info on its flexible screen — including that of the temporal variety — but Apple also has a couple of novelty ideas for the device.
These include a "a sensor for detecting a change between the flat state and the curled state of the bi-stable spring substrate," a "kinetic energy gathering component" as well as "recharging a battery housed within the accessory device by way of a plurality of ambient light energy collectors disposed across a portion of one surface of the accessory device."
All in all, we're looking at a very exciting gadget; however, the way from a patent application to an actual product is long and thorny, and we can't say for sure when (if ever) such a device might actually be on sale in Apple stores.
Graphic courtesy of Yrving Torrealba

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