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Sony SmartWatch developer campaign ends soon – last call for submissions

With our Sony SmartWatch developer campaign in full swing, we’d like to remind you that Tuesday, June 26 is the last day to submit SmartWatch apps to Google play in order to get your free Smart Wireless Headset pro, and most of all, the chance of being promoted in Sony’s social media channels. We’re also still sending out SmartWatches to developers submitting their SmartWatch app ideas through our online form. Read on to get a status update on this campaign, and to get helpful links to aid in your SmartWatch app development.

Last month, we launched a search to find the most innovative apps and ideas for SmartWatch, Sony’s micro display for Android smartphones. We’ve seen some existing apps that have great potential, and some new, brilliant apps that use SmartWatch’s many features – notification capabilities, accelerometer, control API and widget API. Since our kickoff of the Sony SmartWatch developer campaign last month, we’ve been really impressed by the interest in this campaign:
  • We received a lot of app ideas the AnDevCon developer event in San Francisco.
  • We’ve received a really big number of ideas in our form online.
  • We’ve handed out or shipped hundreds of SmartWatch devices so far.
  • We’ve also seen a number of new SmartWatch compatible apps being added to Google Play lately, and we’re getting pinged by many developers looking for a Smart Wireless Headset pro and promotion in our social media channels.
SmartWatch GooglePlay Apps
SmartWatch-compatible apps on Google play.
Looking for promotion in Sony’s social media channels? Want a Smart Wireless Headset pro? Deadline is June 26!
Remember, in addition to getting a SmartWatch, if you’ve created a solid SmartWatch app and upload it to Google Play by June 26, 2012, we might ask to promote your app Sony’s social media channels, like the Sony Mobile Facebook page (with close to 7 million fans). You may also be part of Sony’s Recommender app, installed on more than 10 million Sony Xperia™ smartphones. So take the opportunity to develop a cool and useful app, and you will have the chance to get a lot of visibility online!
In addition, if you submit your app to Google Play by June 26, we’ll actually send you a Smart Wireless Headset pro as a complementary bonus (if it’s a solid app). To apply for your free headset, just enter some short information about your app extension and shipping details in this form, no later than June 26, 2012.
SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro
SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro. 
It’s not too late – apply today!
If you haven’t gotten around to submitting your idea, there’s still time. We will soon start to send out another batch of SmartWatch devices!
  1. To submit your idea and apply for a free SmartWatch, use this form.
  2. To tell us about your app and apply for a free Smart Wireless Headset pro, use this form.
Helpful SmartWatch developer links
We would also like to take the chance of saying a big thank you to all the developers who have submitted a SmartWatch idea to us. You should have already received an email acknowledging your submission, and we’ll send a follow up email soon regarding the outcome of your submission.
In the event that your SmartWatch app or app idea is not selected, we hope that you will continue developing your project anyway. Here are a few, key developer links to help you along the way:
  • Smart Extension SDK overview page – use this site to download the Smart Extension SDK and get more information on how to make your apps work with SmartWatch, Smart Wireless Headset pro and other Smart Extras accessories. You can also use the SmartWatch emulator in the Smart Extension SDK to use in your development, even if you do not have a physical device.
  • Sony Mobile Device Loaner Program – use this site to borrow Sony Xperia smartphones and mobile accessories, including SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro, for free.
  • Stack Overflow forum – use this site to post your technical questions related to SmartWatch development. This forum is monitored closely by Sony Mobile engineers from Developer Support and Accessories teams.
  • Stack Overflow SmartWatch technical questions – use this link to view all SmartWatch-related questions posted on Stack Overflow.
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