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Apple v. Samsung Juror Says Emails Were ‘Most Damning’ [REPORT]

Now that the Apple v. Samsung verdict is in with Apple emerging victorious, a juror has spoken out, outlining the most damning evidence against Samsung.

In an exclusive interview with CNET, Manuel Ilagan, one of the nine jurors in the Apple v। Samsung case, made surprising comments the day after the verdict was reached. Ilagan said that even after the first day of the trial, the nine jurors had already determined that Samsung had copied Apple.


Ilagan said one of Samsung's most telling actions was the emails its executives sent to each other, pointing out features on the iPhone they would like to incorporate into Samsung products. Further, Ilagan says he was unimpressed by Samsung's… keep up with the newest technologies and contemplate about how these will be used in the future। On this blog I'll share my thoughts about the future of technology, based on the high Tech Road Show Blog inventions of today
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