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Windows 8 Concept Watch Takes Smart Watches to a Whole New Level

We've seen 'shrewd watches' before with either a constrained cleaned form of a cell phone Os–like the Motorola Actv–and those with full Android OS capacities. Notwithstanding, the new idea watch made by Indian creator Mithn Darji takes the thought of savvy to an entire new level by pressing in the full desktop OS variant of Windows 8 and its Metro UI onto your wrist. The demi tablet that serves as a watch likewise has a measured, removable Bluetooth earpiece for you to accept calls. 
The configuration joins a full PC, Wifi for network, and a telephone radio onto a plastic wrist strap. There are fittings keys for telephone, fast propelling the program, music playback, and volume. The watch additionally has a charging connector that gleams when connected to, like Sony's VAIO smart phone charging plans. 
The Windows 8 watch is still an idea now, yet given Microsoft's prerogative to help ARM with Windows, the watch may be power sufficiently proficient to keep going a day on a charge. Interestingly enough, however, Darji selected to run with Windows 8 as the OS instead of Microsoft's portable Windows Telephone