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"Twitter" and a new interface called amazing potential

To facilitate communication with all the ease and effectiveness of

Revealed the social networking site "Twitter" for the new interface and new design and a comprehensive yet electronic, as well as for applications for twitter mobile devices based on the operating system "Android" or "any OS".

Is based on the new design to divide page to 5 main sections, ie, add 3 tabs new, respectively: "Home" and "Connect" and "Discover" and "Me" and "Tweet", to allow users to stay connected to their interests more easier and smoother.
It includes the first tab "Home" and a comprehensive overview on each of the Alngredat that appear in the right side, news, comments and other information about the people around you.
The tab "Connect" to conduct other on the talks and the participation of friends, acquaintances and family and see who is following all-new you, or those who you follow and information on new followers.
The biggest change with the new update the tab "Discover", where the business is collecting all the information of interest to the user, and reviews the current activities of those who follow the user or suggestions followers and new show in the left side, as well as enable the user to find the friends, as well as to link this tab New users stories via tweets, preview, news sources and watch their own videos and follow up all Alngredat relating to each story.
The tab "Me", reviews the all the profiles for the user, lists, and links its own, and can send and receive news directly, in addition to the observers for the user to have the possibility to see the pictures and video clips that the user downloaded directly to its own profile.
And the push of a button on the key "Tweet" the user can news of new knowledge and its sources of origin and see the images and video, using the "@" can start to talk with other members.
It should be noted that the last major redesign of the site Twitter was more than a year ago, in mid-September 2010 the site division faced into two main sections, are grouped the content of the user of the images and Fido and data has induction and information sources inside and, before that should have user left the home page of the inventory of the number of Alngredat published.

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