Samsung achieved a legal victory on the Apple Australia

Deutsch: IFA 2010, BerlinImage via WikipediaSeoul, South Korea (CNN) - can now company, "Samsung", to the electronics industry, introduction of the Tablet PC its "Galaxy repent," for sale in Australia within the next few days, 

having achieved a victory prosecuted on the "Apple", in the battle that prevented the product launch the company's South Korean market in Australia. 
Galaxy repented 10.1

This was the victory the new after the Supreme Court ruled in Australia to reject the request made by the company "Apple", a giant electronics industry in the world, to get a court ruling banning the sale of devices "Galaxy repented 10.1", the court said that the allegations put forward by the American company "has no basis them. "
It is expected that the referee gives the "ultimate" issued by the High Court of Australia Friday, a push to strengthen the position of a company, "Samsung" in the legal battles being waged against the "Apple", in many countries of the world, including the United States, which accuses the company's U.S. counterpart Korean the "violation of intellectual property rights."
The Court of Appeal Australia has issued a ruling, last November, for the Samsung allows them to sell their product from the Tablet PC, which is produced by the company shortly after Apple's device "iPad", but the American company has resorted to the Supreme Court, which refused to the request.
While welcoming the Korean company the court's decision and said that a "Galaxy repented 10.1" will be available to customers in Australia, during the sales season Christmas "Christmas," said Radio Korea International that there is another battle between the two companies, about the "violation of the patent," which still continuing.
And Apple claims that the Tablet PC, developed by Samsung, and calling him the name "Galaxy", and the phone "Samsung Galaxy", is a reproduction of a phone "iPhone" and computer "iPad" Tablet, also submitted a warning injunction against the Korean company about the violation of the patent for the technology touch screens.
Suffered Samsung in August / August of a new setback, following the approval of the settlement to delay the launch of the "Galaxy repented 10.1" in Australia, also granted a court in Germany "Apple" a preliminary order preventing distribution of a "Galaxy" in the entire European Union, with the exception of the Netherlands .

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