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BMW intends to re-experience the fifth category GT with the first category

BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Branden...Image via WikipediaLEIPZIG, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 05:  Christine Gregoire, Governor of the U.S. state of Washington, speaks at the BMW auto assembly plant next to a BMW low-emissions car on November 5, 2010 in Leipzig, Germany. Later BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer and German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially inaugurated BMW's committment to invest EUR 400 million to expand production at Leipzig in order to mass produce a BMW electric car. BMW is partnering with SGL Carbon to produce carbon fiber for BMW automobile bodies at a new plant in Moses Lake, - is no longer thought marketing company BMW and clear in the recent period because of decisions sudden change many of the trends in the development of new models, and more decisions surprising is the decision to transfer the next generation of the first category to drive vehicle in front of me, after the BMW prides itself on being the company the only offer a small hatchback car with a Rear-wheel drive.Are currently under way a lot of talks extended within the company about the ability of a car front-wheel drive expected to provide a fun performance, which as long as I knew by the cars BMW, but the reports published by the magazine Autocar English indicate that the talks had ended in a good solution ensures BMW's lack of adventure, history and commit a mistake new count against it before the competition.The company decided to launch a version of GT of the first category of a practical nature and the back is longer than the first category as the fifth category GT, to provide BMW to pay, front and tested through the success of this resolution, and therefore decides whether a new generation of the first category will be completed way to pay Rear or will shift to the front, and to ensure the BMW car that mimic what will be the front-wheel drive car of the new generations, will carry the first category on the base GT build an entirely new and advanced sports suspension with the option to pay the total wheels.Although the idea of ​​first category GT will provide the BMW Adventure launching a new generation of the first category may not be tolerated by its customers, the company has been located in the greater mistake after the launch of a car in the class proved by it is not acceptable to the customer, as announced BMW for several weeks of stoppage of production of the fifth category GT after the car failed to formally close until the minimum expected sal
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